Idealismo y fundamentación

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Aldo Guarneros Monterrubio


The aim of this essay is to understand the sense of the inquiry into ideas in modern philosophy and, so, to clear up the prejudices about the idealism, which will be set out here in broad outline. In order to achieve this comprehension I make an effort to clarify what does historical groundwork of the truth and the principle
of unity in idealism involve. I start from the hypothesis that the groundwork does not consist in imposing a reason in itself —beyond the world—, but in showing it. In other words, despite the common interpretation of modern philosophy, I hold that the aim of idealism is to display the foundation, but not subjectively. So, probably the whole philosophical determination, explained from this point of view, could be understood not only as the inquiry into the principle of knowledge, but as the questioning about the principle of unity, that is to say, recognize what is manifest by itself.

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Guarneros Monterrubio, A. (2015). Idealismo y fundamentación. Theoría. Revista Del Colegio De Filosofía, (29), 65–83.